Laura Seregely - 23 - Managed by Omar Shaker Management

👩🏻‍💻Vegan Blogger at StyleAndMe.co.uk 
✍🏻Writer at TheFashionCulteMagazine
🐦Twitter: @LauraSeregely 
📷Instagram: @LauraSeregely 
🐰Proud Bunny Owner
🛌London, UK 

My family and I moved to London nearly 10 years ago to get a better future. I was originally born in Hungary, however, my mother was born in Lithuania and my father was born in Serbia. I have a mix cultured background, which is why I was so excited to move to London at a young age. 

Fashion has always been a great passion of mine and very close to my heart as from a very early age it influenced the lives of my classmates and I, in and outside of school. I’ve found huge inspiration from seeing how the industry embraces and nurtures creativity and my desire to be at the forefront of fashion is just one of the many reasons I have started this blog.

Fashion is a way to express our moods and feelings, and through fashion journalism, we get to tell the story behind the creations. 

In June 2013, I took my first positive steps towards achieving my goal of being an influential fashion journalist by starting my own personal blog, Style And Me. Its quick success plus the demand for a wider and broader audience further inspired me to expand my blog to include beauty and now, lifestyle. Since its launch, I’ve managed to build a substantial following by keeping myself constantly up to date on fashion industry news and designers, coupled with being fortunate enough to collaborate with major brands such as New Look, Birkenstock, Katy Perry Perfumes, ThisWorks, Next, etc. This has helped me greatly in keeping a captive audience. Learning how the current trends evolve through media and celebrity influence has been fascinating in itself, but focusing on individual trendsetters who share similar ethical views on the industry as my own has been an inspiration for me.

I always keep my finger on the pulse when it comes to fashion trends and pride myself on being “in the loop” at all times. 

My blog has afforded me many privileges, one of which has been meeting some of the most inspiring creatives in the fashion world, as well as attending numerous exclusive events, such as launch parties, press days, private views and catwalk shows (as part of London Fashion Week) hosted by the likes of Jasper Conran, ISSA, Eudon Choi and Busardi, amongst various other prestigious brands. 

Alongside my personal blogging commitments, I also freelance for an emerging Berlin-based independent online magazine called The Fashion Culte. Needless to say, I feel very blessed to be working with such an experienced editorial team and value the opportunity to have my work published on an international platform. Aside from my written fashion work, I also shadow a globally published photographer called Omar Shaker. Thanks to him, I have learnt a lot about direction, hair and makeup, styling, lighting and models themselves. 

Love, Laura xx