Friday, 30 June 2017
London, UK
Today's Fashion Friday post is going to be a little bit different. I thought I'd mix it up a little, and show you guys the shows that I have been watching lately. Of course, there are a few more that I watch, but I wanted to select the ones that had a big fashion influence throughout it. Some of them are probably ones you have heard of, but if not, I would love it if you guys started to watch them. There are so many shows out there, and hopefully, you will love it all from my selection, but if not then I do believe you will find at leats one show in my top 5 that will your taste...

1. Mr. Selfridge
This show was originally released on ITV, but now Netflix is showing it too. It follows Mr. Selfridge's journey throughout the years of struggle and success of the London-based department store called Selfridge & Co. It is set from 1908 to 1928.

I always loved to find out new information about historical things, and this show has it all. The drama, the old fashion and of course the history. Obviously to make the show interesting, they had to create some new insights to it, however, I think this show isn't getting the credit it deserves. A lot more people need to start watching it. It is one of those shows, that I could binge watch in a few days, only if I had the time! Like, why wouldn't you wanna know the whole history behind one of the biggest department stores in London, right?!

2. Pretty Little Liars
PLL. It's the best thing ever. It has been around for years, and if you haven't heard of it then I don't know if we can be friends. Joking. :-D

I won't talk about the plot, as I wouldn't even know where to start. And of course, you should know about it by now! But the fashion side of the show is so glamorous. It doesn't seem realistic though. They have so many different outfits, which a normal secondary school girl just wouldn't have. (If I'm wrong, feel free to let me know.) I don't know if it's because here in the UK we have uniforms when we go to school or what, but we never dressed like how they dress when we went out at that age. All the outfits represent each character's personality, and it is just amazing what the costume designer on the show is creating. A lot of jewelry, especially for Aria, is hand made and every time I see an amazing item of clothing, I want it. This show isn't about fashion, at all. But it has a big importance to it, as personalities show through art. And fashion is art. 

3. Girl Boss
This show came out a few months ago, and I watched it in a few days. I didn't sleep much, because of it but it was worth it. I've seen the trailer a while ago, and I just couldn't wait for it to come out. 

It follows a girl who opens her eBay shop and sells vintage clothes, but after a while, her business goes downhill because eBay deletes her account. Then, she opens an online shop via a proper website which is very successful. It has a lot of funny moments in it as well as things we can learn from. It is definitely a must watch! 

4. Cable Girls
This show is set in the 1920's when telephones were first invented in Spain. The whole show is in Spanish, but they used English voice overs to translate it. It is not that visible, so don't be put off by it. 

I wanted to talk about this show, because I love clothes from the 20's, and here they not only talk about their work and love lives, but the independence of women at that day of age. It is very important to know the start of it, and in this show, they talk a lot about it. They enjoy their social lives, and that's where the fashion side comes into this. The fashion was so beautiful then, which entailed short hair, dark makeup, dance shoes, fake pearls, low waistline dresses and straight silhouette. If you love fashion history then this show is perfect for you. 

5. RuPaul's Drag Race
I only started watching this show recently. A lot of people have been telling me about it, and as I'm not keen on reality TV, I never actually started watching it. The other day I didn't know what to put on, and I thought I might as well see what the fuss was about. And I just couldn't believe I missed out on this show for so long. They basically have challenges to do, and at the end, one person will win the show and the price. They have to make some fantastic clothes as well as show their other hidden talents. The drag community is a wonderful thing, and they are born to perform in a show business. And this show holds all the drama, the craziness, beauty, and fashion anyone could want in a reality show. I'm hooked guys!! 

Feel free to let me know what shows you're enjoying at the moment! Fashion related or not!