Friday, 23 June 2017
London, UK
For this post, I wanted to create an outfit that was suitable for the weather we're having in London at the moment. I have been outdoors a lot lately, and I have been experimenting with clothes that I have already had in my closet and added just some affordable items of clothing that I really needed. I'm sure all of you have been enjoying the weather it as much as you could, so here's an outfit that can be easily recreated from a few items of clothing that you probably already possess in your wardrobe. If not, there's always a chance to grab a few things from a shop. Who doesn't like buying new clothes, right?!...

I have totally forgotten about this top, which I actually bought in Hungary a while ago, but the writing on it is motivating and I'm in love with this one. It says, 'Anything is possible, as long as you want it to be real'. But for this simple outfit any white top would work, I just thought that this stripy slogan top would be adorable to wear for this specific outfit. (Scroll down to see the top in details.)

Having a shirt tied around the waist is quite in at the moment, and it makes the outfit more interesting but at the same time, it has a relaxed look to it. I wanted to wear a colourful one, so the outfit wouldn't be so dull by all the black and white colours.

As my legs aren't very skinny, when I wear very short shorts my tights get irritated where they meet, but luckily, in Primark, I have found these cotton shorts. They're basically made out of the same material as any leggings would be just a lot shorter. I grabbed a few of these as they will be a very big part of my summer. If you have the same issue as me, then I do advise you to pop in there and grab one or two. They're cheap but the material is cotton so it lets your skin breath through it and can be worn under dresses too.

And lastly, denim jackets. I own a few, and this is where I have spent the most money. They worth the money, as they will last you a long time, and they're so easy to wear. They basically go with most casual outfits and they're just chic and simple. I actually found this one in a vintage shop in Soho, but as I have said earlier, you can find some for cheap unless you own one already. Which you should.