Wednesday, 3 May 2017
London, UK
Having a good night sleep is quite important. Especially, if you have a lot to do the next day and there won't be any time to have a cheeky nap in the day time. Feeling good throughout the day is something everyone wants to have in their day, so it is necessary to have a good 7-8 hour sleep per night. I tend to sleep a bit less, but that's how I have been functioning for a very long time now. So my body is kind of used to it by now. Even now, I am working on extending my sleep so I would have a better sleep pattern, and this is one of the products that helps me to achieve that. Here's how...

In the recent months, I have decided to try to go to bed earlier. Normally I would fall asleep around 3am-ish, but I would try to go to bed earlier - hoping that I would doze off. It hasn't worked until I have decided to spray this on my pillows and do a sleep meditation session while enjoying the smell of lavender, vetivert and camomile. Now, instead of 3 am, I go to bed around 12.30ish. Thankfully, this product works, or maybe it's just the fact that my brain believes that it works and quiets down when it is time to sleep. My brain overloads with things at night, like most people's who suffer from anxiety...

I have realised that meditation is a big part of my life now, especially at night time. I tend to meditate twice a day now, just short 15-25 minute sessions. But, this works a lot better for my mind than doing a 40-50 minute session at once. So, one of these sessions is at night and the other is in the morning. I get into bed around 12am-ish, spray my pillows and put on my Calm meditation app. With this combination, I have realised that I have a more refreshed morning too.

To purchase the pillow spray, click here. It's £18, but it is worth the money. Trust me! ;-)

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