Wednesday, 5 April 2017
London, UK
In the recent couple months, I have been looking into ways how I could contribute to helping the environment. This post will be about just one simple way to make sure you can dedicate to this cause.

Firstly, I want all of you to know that I didn't think this would be any better for myself and seemed quite gross at first, however, I decided to push myself to change this little thing in my life. After a few weeks of using handkerchiefs, I got very used to them and now I wouldn't go back to tissue paper at all. Once in a while, I still find a random tissue paper in my jacket, so I'd use that, but I'd throw it away when it is completely used. And go back to my trusty handkerchiefs.

I have read up on the idea of using handkerchiefs, and I believe this is a good way to go to help out a little bit...

Hygiene wise, a lot of people would think this is not a very good idea. I want to disagree with that. It is up to you how hygienic you make it. If you wash them regularly, then it will stay very clean and not hold onto any bacteria. If you don't know when to put them in the wash, think of this - wash it when you'd throw a tissue paper away. 

They are very small and can fit in any load when you do your laundry. I tend to put them in a small delicates wash bag and wash it like that. This way they will be together when I take them out from the machine. By doing this, you won't only save trees but you can save a lot of money in the long run. Washing these won't cost you any extra money, as they are very small and easy to wash. Who knows how many tissue paper you'd be buying for the rest of your life, so make this change and start to reuse what you have. 

When I carry them with me, I put one in my pocket (if I have one), and/or keep some in a small makeup bag or sandwich bag - depends on the bag I have that day. 

As I browsed on the internet, I found a lot of different types, but I wanted to have something that won't be too large or too outdated. We've all seen our grandparents use these in the past, and they looked ridiculous. But the concept worked then, and it works now. Believe me. 

I purchased mines from eBay, so if you decide to buy these, click here. I bought 20, and 10 pieces cost only £5.28. I'd advise you to get a minimum of 10, but you do have the option to buy less if you know you will be keeping them clean. The ones I bought were quite cheap and really pretty. If you feel like you have some material laying around your house, you can even just make them yourself. 

There are so many to find online, so if you don't like the ones I have, just browse the web and find something that will suit your style. Don't forget to let me know/tag me in pictures if you have made this environmentally safe change in your life.