Friday, 7 April 2017
London, UK
90's fashion has been really popular over the past year or so. All the chokers came back and also girls started wearing their dresses over white coloured tops. I have been combining all of these together, and I thought it was about time I'd share an outfit I have put together. 

I've been loving the sunshine London has been providing so far, so I have decided to wear more dresses. Last Friday I have posted a fashion post about how I organised my closet, and I stumbled across a lot of clothes I haven't worn in a while. This dress was one of them. 

A little black dress is always a safe choice for an outfit. I have so many, and when I found this hidden gem in my wardrobe I realised how much I have missed it. I bought this dress from TopShop ages ago, but I'm sure a lot of stores will have something similar especially as summer is upon us. 

I paired this outfit with a backpack that my mum bought me from Thailand, and it is adorable. The brand is called Aisikadan. She was told that this brand is very popular over there, so of course, she had to get me one.

I also wanted to wear cute glasses to give the look a sweet look that goes very well with the buns I created.