Monday, 3 April 2017
London, UK
I have tried out a lot of skincare products over the years and for the skin type I have, it is quite hard for me to find something that grants every wish I have to keep my skin in perfect condition for my needs. 

I wanted to find something that is organic, vegan, cruelty-free, natural, has SPFin it and good for oily skin types. Now, this might seem like I am asking for a lot, however, I am not. I want to keep my skin fresh and young as long as I can, so why shouldn't I look for something that will make me look amazing in the long run?! Everyone should make sure they get the best from their skin care products and that is what I tend to do for myself. And, you should too!

Since I have been using this cream, my skin has been feeling a lot more moisturised and balanced. It hasn't made my skin oilier than how it is in real life, which is a quality I definitely try to keep an I eye out for. 

SPF is always good to have in anything that we use on our face, as it prevents us from aging that can be caused by the sun. This cream is SPF15, and I think this is quite good for anyone who is exposed to the sun. Although, I use a CC Cream or foundation that has SPF in it, so that doubles my chances to protect my skin. 

This product is suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Also, this product is organic and natural. It is free from lanolin, parabens, artificial perfumes, phthalates, ethyl alcohol, petrochemicals, and colorants.  

Purchase it from LucyRose for £15.30, £17