Wednesday, 15 March 2017
London, UK
It is quite important to start the day right, and nothing could be better than a tasty oatmeal. It is very filling and has the right nutrients that can help you to function perfectly throughout the day. 

I like to put some sort of fruit in my porridge to give it a taste, as we all know oatmeal can be very blunt without some flavouring. And this way, you can mix it and put different fruit in it each day. 

Have a look at the way I make my breakfast in the morning. It takes literally less than 10 minutes to make...

  • 50g of Oats (Gluten Free if preferred)
  • A spoon full of Flax Seed (Can be purchased at Holland and Barretts)
  • Hand full of fruit (Strawberries or Berries or Mashed up Banana or Lemon Juice etc.)
  • Water (or Almond Milk if preferred)
A really good trick what I like to do is to measure out the 50 grams of oats and then put it in a glass that has some sort of patterns on it. This way I will remember how much it is for next time and I won't have to take the scale out every morning. 

Put the oats in the pan. Then add twice as much water and add the fruit of your choice. (I always keep some frozen berries in the freezer, just in case I won't have anything fresh in the kitchen.)

Stir constantly and once the water disappears it is ready to be put in a bowl. 


(Bellow you can check out the ingredients I like to use.)