Friday, 10 March 2017
London, UK
Sometimes all you need is a good coat to have your outfit complete. Finding something that's comfortable and trendy isn't always an easy option, however, I have found the motherload for this winter. Even though the weather has been getting better it is a very versatile coat. So, I thought before it gets really warm, I should post about the coat that has saved me from the cold this season. 

When I looked on the SilkFred's website, I fell in love with this coat. The colour was very army like and muscular but the faux fur made it look feminine at the same time. It balances one another out. It is quite thick and warm, and with a sweater, it was keeping me cosy throughout the winter - even without a scarf. Once the sun arrives properly, it is possible to take off the fur and just wear the coat itself with a t-shirt. 

Originally the sleeves had fur around them, but I have taken them off as I felt like it was a bit too much and it was getting in the way. When I sat down, it was on the table and because of its colour, it would get very dirty very easily. 

I have paired this casual coat with a glittery mini backpack from Peacocks and a pair of silver ankle boots from ASOS (see images bellow). 

Coat: SilkFreded
Bag: Peacocks
Shoes: ASOS