Friday, 24 March 2017
London, UK

When the weather is sunny outside, all the summer parties are upon us. If not that, weddings are around the corner. Every girl should own a pretty dress that can be versatile for different occasions. I thought this outfit would be perfect for a weekend event as it can be layered up or down. 

Online shopping is a bad addiction of mine, especially when I can't sleep. Both the heels and the dress are victims of this addiction. Not gonna lie, I'm not sorry I have purchased them!

I just can't stress how excited I am for the summer. Finally, all the jumpers can go away and the sexy legs can come out. 

The dress is from ASOS. It is on sale from £45 to £18. Now that is a bargain! A good summer dress is a weakness of mine, mainly when I get a good price for it. 

Check out the images bellow. :-)
Dress: ASOS
Heels: JustFab
Purse: Armani Perfumes
Sunglasses: RayBan