Friday, 31 March 2017
London, UK
Summer is around the corner, which means winter clothes need to be hidden away and let the summer clothes shine. I have re-organised my everyday wardrobe to make it a lot easier for me to find things, and also to only have the things in there that I would wear on a regular basis. 

I usually keep a suitcase full of winter clothes or summer clothes - depends on the season. Twice a year, I change my wardrobe around to have the clothes I need for that season. This way you can see exactly what you have and how to pair it easily with your other items of clothing. 

Below you can find my tips and tricks to do achieve the fullest of your wardrobe. 

First, I separated each item into categories. 

On the top rail, I have put all the tops, trousers and skirts that I would use regularly. However, jeans and leggings I have put in a drawer because it is easier to access and keep organised. 

I use only non-slip hangers, that I have bought them from Primark and eBay. They are really handy and saves a lot of space in the wardrobe. 

The tops are categorised in a way. I have started from the left, with the tops that have no sleeves, then with short sleeves and then the tops that have long sleeves but are very light - such as shirts and blouses. I tend to put all the tops on black hangers, but if I run out I have some extra ones in the middle, which are the black and also pink ones. The pink hangers I use in the wardrobe which is in the spare room. In that wardrobe, I keep all the elegant dresses that I only wear when there's a special occasion or event to go to. 

Trousers and skirts are in separate sections too, next to each other. 

This rail didn't come with my wardrobe, I purchased it from eBay and installed it myself. There was so much space at the bottom of the wardrobe, that I needed to make the most out of it, as I have a lot of clothes. 

On the left, I have put all the dresses that I could wear on any sunny day. I'm not really a dress person, but sometimes I can't stop wearing them when the sun is with us constantly. There's no specific order for the dresses, so this is quite simple. All of the dresses are also on black hangers so they are separated from the section next to it. In between the next section and the dresses, I have put some extra hangers, so if I purchase some more clothes or when I do my laundry there will be a hanger waiting for them. 

The right section is the long sleeve shirts and jumpers area. I have left out some jumpers, as in London the weather is a mistery, and we can never know when we will need to layer up. Of course, I could just go to my coats wardrobe but it's spring already, and honestly, I don't really want to wear a winter coat over a light top once spring is here. 

This section is in a specific order as well. After the spare hangers, I have put my to go bomber jackets, then long sleeve tops and the jumpers. They are all on light blue hangers so my wardrobe can be a little bit colour organised. 

I really hope this has helped in some way, and if it did, please feel free to let me know, or tag me in your images of how you have organised your spring wardrobe.