Wednesday, 4 January 2017
London, UK
Tea can be something you enjoy or you don't. I am one of the people who barely drink any tea, although this has changed throughout this winter. In the past, I only liked lemon tea with fresh lemons in it, but a friend of mine suggested that I try others and that's when I came across these ones. The reason I barely liked tea was because they never tasted the way I imagined their flavour to be, it was always blunter than advertised. However, with the tea in this post, it is not the case. They're all very flavourful and they all taste like winter to me, which makes this season's evenings even cosier. I wanted to purchase something that wasn't full of chemicals but still tasted great. Two of these brands use tea bags that are unbleached, which just means that it has even less of the unnecessary chemicals in them. Of course, it is needless to say that any organic and natural brand will be a lot better for you than one which isn't. All these teas can be found in your local Holland and Barrett's or on their website. 

When it's chilly and you just want to be cosy front of the TV these teas are some of the nicest options.

1. Higher Living : Green Tea Chai
Flavour : Green Tea Chai
Natural : Yes
Organic : Yes
Bags : Unbleached
Amount : 20 bags
Price : £1.99
Buy here.

2. Heath & Heather : Apple & Cinnamon
Flavour : Apple & Cinnamon
Natural : Yes
Organic : Not sure
Bags : Bleached
Amount : 20 bags
Price : £1.85
Buy here.

3. Clipper : White Tea With Peppermint
Flavour : White Tea with Peppermint
Natural : Yes
Organic : Yes
Bags : Unbleached
Amount : 26 bags
Price : £1.59

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