Wednesday, 27 January 2016
London, UK
In today's #LifestyleWednesday, I wanted to share a tip with you guys that can bring a lot of joy into your lives when you get to the end of the year. I know it is only January so far, but why wait to prepare and to make sure we can make the best of 2016?! This could be a gift you give to your partner or just for yourself as a reminder of every good thing that happened to you throughout the year.

So the idea I came up with was, that you just get any note book, I used and L.K.Bennett one, and write down one good thing that happened that day. I was definitely never good at keeping up with a proper diary, so I think this is a much easier way to do it. One sentence a day is nothing, and it will be worth it when you look back next year. I found it helpful just to keep this on my nightstand with a pen or pencil, and that way I will not forget to do it. And make sure to keep it positive!! 

If you think you'd like to do this for a loved one, I think it would be a great Christmas present. However, I would do it a little differently. Maybe write down a nice thought you had about them that day, and I'm sure that will melt their hearts when they read it on Xmas day. 

I have found a notebook like this on eBay, so if you'd like to snitch it up, here's the link.