Friday, 8 January 2016
London, UK
As it is the new year, I feel like I just rather spend my friday night at home with a nice movie. All of us have partied over the holidays, and I do feel like a night in is well needed. (Or it is for me!) 

I enjoy chilling at home, and these are the items of clothing that I enjoy wearing at home:

I've had this robe for years now, and anytime I buy a new one, none of the new ones feel right to me. So I always go back to this beauty as it haven't disappointed me and it has kept its fluffiness, colour and shape. 

These cute slipper boots are from Bedroom Athletics, and they are the MOST comfortable things ever! They're easy to slip into, they keep you warm and they're absolutely soft/fluffy inside. My feet literally feel like they're in heaven when I slip into them! Please make sure to check out their website to chose a bad boy for your taste!