Sunday, 22 February 2015
Brewer St Car Park, Soho, London, UK
This season Eudon Choi showed us the old version of his designs, as last season he done a more of a feminine collection. But luckily he decided to go back to the more rough vibe. 

In this collection we have seen some floral prints, bright colours as well as a bit of a feminine look. He is very good at making outerwear and this season he gave a very good example of that. The coats and jackets were incredibly made and well combined with the colours and patterns. He used lots of dramatic shapes to make the garments more outstanding, which worked very well on the catwalk, they just popped right out. Backstage he mentioned he was inspired by the Japanese architecture, and that's where he got the ideas to use geometric shapes in his designs. If the clothes could speak they would be screaming strong, confident woman. Absolutely gorgeous stuff! Now lets just hope next season he will continue to do his great work.

Eudon Choi at the end of the show