Thursday, 2 October 2014
London, UK
At the Busardi fashion show, there was so many amazing red carpet dresses. And even though I may never get to go to a red carpet event, I still wouldn't mind having one of these dresses. 

This collection was entitled 'Air', and they were inspired by the South American micro-environments. They included all the elements from the nature that you could find there. All of the dresses had flowers, leaves or feathers included in them, and all of the colours were presented in a natural way, so the whole collection would work well together. 

The hair and make-up was made by AOFM Pro, and they done an amazing job (see bellow in close-up images). All the models had elegant but messy hair and I think it gave the whole look a cool edge, which worked with all the dresses perfectly! Some of the models were wearing big earpieces, which were also inspired by nature, but they were very sparkly, so they did a great job adding them to the collection!

My favourite dress was the gorgeous dress above (there's more images of the dress bellow). I fell in love with it because the colour and the shape of it is just stunning. The dress mainly has patterns at the top, but it still has a very little bit going down to the bottom, so in my eyes, it's just perfect, and doesn't have too much going on. The other thing I adore about the dress is the off-shoulder neck line, which is covered in lace. Very elegant, with a hint of sexiness to it. Love it!

Me before the show, wearing a Echo Design Poncho, now on sale for only £79/$128. Buy it here if from UK, if from USA from here. It comes in different colours too. 
(Don't mind my face, I was very tired!)

Catwalk images:

Busardi Duo

Catwalk images are from Forward PR, and I would like to thank them for the invitation! Close up images are taken by Omar Shaker