Wednesday, 15 October 2014
Alford Pl, London, UK
Not long ago I went to get my hair done, and I used Hair CVT to find the best salon that suited me and what I was looking for. So basically this site is for people who still haven't found their favourite salon and want to see some of the work the hairdressers have already done. 

This site is very easy to use, firstly you can pick out all the things that suit you from the side bar, and it shows you some work the hairdressers have already done, and if you like what you see you can just book yourself in with that hairstylist. If you want to find a salon by location, there's an option for that too. I found this site very useful as I could search for what I wanted and see how well the stylist can work. When I saw this haircut, I knew I wanted to go with Chloe Westley from John Frieda Alford St, as I wanted something similar to that style but maybe a bit curlier. (See the end result at the end of the post.)

I arrived a little early so I was offered some tea. Once Chloe was free, her assistant came over and took me to her and I told her what I really wanted. She gave me some advice that would go really well with my face, and give it a nice frame. I liked what she advised so I went with it. Of course she didn't change anything I said, she just upgraded my ideas.

Before she started doing anything to my hair, her assistant washed my hair and gave me a head massage. I'm not gonna lie he had magical hands, nearly fell asleep while he was massaging my head. 

After that Chloe started working on my hair and she done a great job throughout the whole time. Honestly my hair has never looked any better. She also gave me some tips that I can do at home, and I will try to do them and maybe even do posts on them.