Thursday, 25 September 2014
London, UK
As we all know, it was London Fashion Week not long ago, and sadly I haven't posted anything on it, yet! I went to see lots of shows and I will do posts on the best ones I saw or enjoyed watching online. 

I was very excited when I got an invite to see Huishan Zhang's Summer/Spring 2015 collection, because I knew I would be drooling over the amazing dresses. And of course I was.. 

My favourite dress was this one, because as soon as I saw it, I wished I was the girl wearing it. This dress just reminded me of my childhood and when I wanted to be a princess. (I still do, but shh!) I think the dress says it all, the colours go perfectly together and who wouldn't want to feel like a princess?!

Huishan Zhang and Me

Last season in his collection we saw darker dresses, but I think that was just because it was meant for a different season than this one. Of course they were amazing too, but a little bit of colour can't hurt anybody, right? So this season we've seen lots of lighter colours, light yellow, lilac, pastel pink/peach pink and of course there were some black involved at the end of the show. 

This season I have seen cute tea dresses, feathers thrown into the styling or included on to the dresses, and elegant shirts with adorable skirts and trousers. 

I have taken some images, and included them below with the images I got from Vogue.co.uk.

Angelica Cheung from Vouge China