Wednesday, 23 July 2014
London, UK
As all of you know the weather has been up and down lately, but hopefully it will stay sunny for a very long time. I have noticed that people always complain when it's either cold and rainy, but people also complain when it's hot. Why? Can't they just enjoy one or the other? I am extremely happy that it's hot and don't have to worry about layers! I mean I wouldn't mind sitting next to a pool or the beach in this weather, but what can I do in London, just accept the fact it's a city and enjoy the weather while it lasts. 

This dress is from Echo Design. I absolutely love summer dresses, and when I came across this one, I fell in love with it. It is perfect for the city and the beach. The dress is a bit see-through so I wore something underneath it, so if you wear it in the city you should too. Unless you want people to see your underwear. For the beach it's perfect to wear over a bikini or swimsuit, you can just take it off quickly and run in the water. What else do you need?

Floral patterns are very in now, and I couldn't adore this one any more as it doesn't only have floral print on it, but one side is reflected to the other, so it just looks like it has a mirror held up in the middle. It feels very light and soft on the skin, which is so good for the weather we're having now. You just wanna feel like you're not wearing anything without actually being naked. 

They have it in 3 different colours, so please check it out here if you're from the USA, if you're from the UK, click here.

Last week I was invited to an event for Birkenstock on Neal Street, they were showcasing their new store. In the store they had lots of amazing footwear. When I arrived I was thinking, which one to get? This shiny flip-flop was in so many colours, and made out of different materials. I picked the red as I have a red bag but I don't have red footwear and it worked out very well. I didn't expect them to be so comfy, as I have lots of footwear similar to these ones, and I somehow always get a blister or something., but not with these ones!!

They are only £54.95 and it's so worth it guys! Sadly I didn't find it in red online, but heres some other colours you can check out: Bright Blue, Blue Lagoon, Black, Green, Silver, Pink, Cashmere Rose, Orange and Yellow.

This red Italian leather bag is the coolest bag I ever seen. It's separated into two sections, but not like other bags in the middle, it's separated into two by having a section on the top and one section in the bottom. When I saw it I had to have it, and it was a good choice! I got this bag from Hidee, £485, where I noticed they have lots of bags like this, they're designed to carry heels or flats in the bottom, so you can swap it very quickly and be ready to go. I mean you can use the bottom half for anything, but it's not like with other bags, just chucking the shoes in and mixing it with all the things we have in there. Very cleverly designed, I'm not going to lie, worth the money girls! And of course you can put anything on the top half of the bag, it's like a well sized purse so it can have quite a bit fit into it. Get shopping!

If you like it, click here.

Dress: Echo Designs
Bag: Hidee
Footwear: Birkenstock
Necklace: Zazzy
Sunglasses: H&M

(Photography by OmarShaker.)