Wednesday, 9 July 2014
Paris, France

At the Versace show they had a classic backdrop with a runway lined with fur. All of the outfits gave an impression of sexiness and elegance. The jackets and skirts were combined sheer ladder inserts and  silver buckles which gave the outfits a bit of an edge. I have seen pressed pencil trousers layered under lean skirts and I think they couldn't of been any cooler, hopefully everyone's going to be taking it in and it can become a big thing very soon. (I will be trying it out for sure!) 

My favourite one (above): Once again I am obsessed with Versace's new collection. I especially love this one, as it just has so many details to it but it's not too detailed that it looks tacky. What I really love about this outfits is the short sleeved silver leotard underneath the top and the skirt, which is opened at the front, to give us a wow effect. I definitely got wowed!! Please somebody send one my way!:-)

Here's some other's I really liked:

(Makeup from the show.)