Saturday, 7 June 2014
Oxford St, London, UK
Queendom of Oeuf had a showcase last Wednesday to show us their new collection. It was hosted in the Surgery Group PR's offices just off of Oxford St. When I got there they had all kinds of little nibbles and different types of tea. 

The designer called herself "The Queen", but she didn't have a crown. (She should of had one.) When we asked the designer about what was her motivation for this collection, she basically explained how fascinated she is with eggs. If you look closely at the designs you can see egg shaped designs hidden in them, so to have all the designs different but have the same inspiration behind them is very clever! 

Once I asked "The Queen" why eggs are her inspiration, she started talking about how she loves the fact you can make so many different things with eggs, and the shape is just a perfect shape which can feel comfy in your hand. First I was a bit surprised about how much she was into them, but I have my obsessions with things, so who am I to judge? Nearly everybody is obsessed with things, so why not make it a unique one, huh? 

My favourite one was this one which is called 'Big Breast White'. I love the fact all the T's have different names.) They had a lot of different designs which you can see bellow, but I chose this one as my fav as it's brave but it doesn't show too much details of the ladies. There's some which are a bit too much for me and I couldn't wear the designs, but they still look very cool don't get me wrong, I'm just not that brave to wear them. All of them are white clean T-shirts, 100% cotton. 

Have a look at the other designs:
If you like any of the designs, they do all of them in t-shirts and some in vests.

In the collection they also had lots of different scarves, but I'm not really a scarf person so I just picked my favourite one, called 'Regis Scarf'. I chose this one because it's simple and could go with anything really, plus the huge face on it just stood out from the rest. If you want to check out their scarves, just click here

What I wore to the event: 

Bag & Shoes: Zara (Similar bag & Similar Shoes)
Blouse: Ghost
Trousers: John Lewis
Jacket: Debenhams (Similar)
Necklace: Topshop