Sunday, 8 June 2014
London, UK
For todays sunny weather I decided to wear a T-dress made by Bundy & Webster. I'm a bit taller than normal people so this T-dress turned into a large T-shirt for me, but I can make anything work. I put a belt around my waist so it gives my hips a bit of a shape, which I wouldn't of done if I was shorter and the dress would of covered my bum. This tee is actually very comfy and soft, but that's what you get for 100% cotton, right? 

The tulips make this tee very summery and it doesn't look like a something you stole from your boyfriend. I wore it with shorts, but you can wear it with anything you like, or if you're shorter than me, just wear it as it is! (Cut my legs out of it, as I was a bit too pail.)

If you want to check out the rest of the collection, click here, but if you like this T-dress check it out here

I got this bag from New Look, £15.99. I love this bag because it looks like it's made out of crocodile skin, which is very in now. White goes with everything, plus it has a little bit of black added to it, so it also goes with anything black. This bag has gold metallic rings on it so I accessorised with gold jewellery. 

This white mini tote bag has a couple of pockets inside it, which is very handy to separate your stuff. In the past I have bought bags which hardly had any pockets or separators in them, and I know it's not hard to find bags which do have them, but I like to organise my things in my bag and I get excited over them. 

T-dress: Bundy & Webster
Bag: NewLook
Necklace: H&M (Similar?)

(Photography by OmarShaker)