Sunday, 22 June 2014
London, UK
Thank god the weather is getting so much better, and I can wear my dresses. I mean I still wear dresses in the winter, but now I don't have to worry about being cold. But I'm very sure all of you girls feel the same. 

I don't know if you guys remember about the event I went to for the Crew Clothing's 21st birthday? At the event they gave everybody an item of their choice from the store, but if you don't remember what I'm talking about, you can read about it here.

So yeah, this is the dress I picked out. To be honest I think this was the best item in the shop, and lots of people agree with me. (Score!) They had loads of great stuff, but as soon as I tried this one one, I fell in love with it.

What I really love about this dress is, it's comfy, easy to style and it is very light, so even if it's baking hot outside it won't stick to you when you sweat. 

The material is stretchy so it shows off your curves, which doesn't always happen with maxi dresses. Also the colour combination is great because you can match it up with so many different colours. The navy blue stripes aren't too bright so it makes the dress elegant and easy to pair up with accessories. 

This dress has a rounded neckline, which has breading sewn onto the edges and also that's what the shoulder straps are too - gives the dress a bit of an edge, and I think it has a bit of a sailer-ish kick to it.

If you would like to check the dress out, just click here.

Dress: Crew Clothing
Sunglasses: TopShop (Similar)
Necklace: H&M
Gold breaded bracelet: Debenhams (Similar)
Gold snake bracelet: Debenhams (Similar)

(Photgraphy by OmarShaker)