Saturday, 31 May 2014
Oxford St, London, UK

Wednesday I was lucky enough to be invited to a campaign launch for Rosalina Nacken, which was hosted by Surgery Group PR. This event took place just off of Oxford St, which was a very handy location as I had to go to a different event after this one just based in Soho. They had lots of champagne and wine flowing and loads of canapé.

When I first entered the place, I saw this big colourful staircase, which looked really cool and brightened the whole place up. In the corners they had big, animal inspired chairs. I absolutely loved them, but it made me think if they used real elements from real animals. (I hope not, I'm a bit of a big animal lover.)

In Rosalina's new collection there was only three items, but each bag came with a smaller bag inside of it, which can be used for your iPad or even as a big purse. As you can see above, on the first image is the actual bag, which has a gold chain shoulder strap. The second bag is the second image, which is smaller and has a different strap. They both are very stylish, elegant and chic. But you not only get those two bags, you also get a necklace too, which I didn't see hanging next to the bags, so couldn't take a photo. 

This bag came in three colours, rich black, royal blue and poetic peach. My favourite was the peach coloured one. I like brave, bright colours and this coloured bag is perfect for the summer. If you like it, and would want to buy it, just click here. If you want to see them in different colours, just click here