Tuesday, 13 May 2014
London, UK

I am so happy that the weather is getting a lot hotter, but the rain isn't really helping, and when it doesn't rain it gets really windy! But as many of you know it ALWAYS rains in London, so for this weather we can't really wear summery clothes as it would get ruined by the rain, and you would catch a cold. You never can go wrong with a pair of nice jeans and a classy black blouse, right?

This blouse is from Valour & Valkyrie, £78, and I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it because it has a little edge to it with the see-though bits. Of course it's not so see-through that you can see everything underneath but it gives the blouse a little colour where it shows the skin. 

On the front of the blouse it has three layers of material on top of each other which looks really cool and it covers up the important bits of your body. One of the layers has lace over it and it just makes the blouse look a little bit more interesting. But what else makes it more interesting? The shoulders! It also has a couple layers of material over top of each other which gives you an illusion of a shoulder pad. 

If you like it and want to buy it, just click here

These heels are from New Look, and they are one of the best heels I ever got. They are absolutely comfy and look very elegant/sexy. When I first saw them I had to get them, because the whole zig zag-y design at the front looks outstanding. The gold zips at the bottom of each layer makes the zig zag-y pattern show a lot more. 

Jeans : Diesel
Heels: New Look
Sunglasses: Ray Ban

(Photography by Omar Shaker)