Monday, 26 May 2014
London, UK
As it's a bit cooler outside I decided to wear this pink knit, made by BritFash, £19.99, but now they're on a sale for only £9.99!  

I love the colour, because it's bright, powerful and eye catching! Lately I've been really into very bright colours, but I suppose I'm always like that when summer is coming. Sadly there's no sun today but I still felt like being very colourful. This knit is cropped just above the bellybutton, which can be refreshing in  weather like today, when you don't know if it's going to be sunny or a bit cooler. 

If you want to buy it and check out the different colours they have, click here

These linen pants are from John Lewis, and I picked them because they're not too colourful but they go really well with the pink knit. They are very comfy and easy to keep in good shape. 

This bag is from a shop called Laura, which is in Poland. It is the same shop where I got the necklace from in my last post. They are my parents friends and they have all kinds of accessories, and every time anybody goes to visit them they bring something cool back for me. 

Knit : BritFash
Earrings : H&M (Similar)
Bracelets : Foerever 21 (In gold)
Trousers : John Lewis (Similar)
Bag : Laura
Heels : Dune

(Photography by OmarShaker)