Tuesday, 20 May 2014
London, UK
Meet Monkey! My photographer/best friend's dog! Monkey's a 4 years old blue Staffy. She was rescued from a bad home, and I'm so happy she got to my best friend because he looks after her like nobody else could! If you don't know it already then you should, I love dogs! I'm a really big lover of animals, so for this outfit I had to get her involved. Of course she was too excited to look around the street but that's what dogs do. :-)

The weather is getting better but it's not like that everyday, especially in the mornings when you want to go to work, to uni or walk your dog. On those kinda days you have to think about the layers and what you can take off when it gets warmer in the afternoon. This is why I chose to wear a black silk jumpsuit with a white cardigan. They're both light and the jumpsuit by itself can be very cool and refreshing. 

I am obsessed with jumpsuits at the moment, but I'm sure all of you are too! It's just comfy and you can wear it with anything really. This jumpsuit is from Only, €39.95. At the top it has a lace design with some buttons to hold it together. This doesn't only come handy when you want to take it off, but it makes it look less simple. At the waist it has a band to give your hips a bit of a shape. I personally wanted to combine it with a beige belt so the outfit comes more together. You have to accessorise, right?

This necklace is from Poland, from a family's friends store, called Laura. I love it because inside the boxes there's diamonds and they can't come out of the box. Very clever design!

When I found the 16 pieced golden rings I couldn't leave them in the shop. As gold is very in now they can go with anything really plus they're very chic!

Jumpsuit : Only (Similar)
Cardigan : River Island (Similar)
Rings : H&M (Pointy & 16 pack rings)
Necklace : Laura
Bag : New Look
Sun glasses : Ray Ban

(Photography by Omar Shaker)