Friday, 9 May 2014
Kensington, London, UK
Last Tuesday (6th of May), I was invited to a bloggers event for Karora Cosmetics which was held at a Japanese restaurant called L'Etranger. At the back they had the event, in a private area where I'm guessing the restaurant usually holds private parties. They had lots of drinks and amazing sushi! 

When I arrived I was greeted by two lovely ladies who are working with CiCi PR, they were the ones to let me know about this event. Of course the first thing I got was a glass of bubbly, just because you can't socialise without one! 

Karora Cosmetics mainly does tanning products, and I'm not very keen on them as I have olive coloured  skin, but I seen that they do have products that's made for people like me. I head about the CC cream and had to check it out. 

After a while one of the girls started a speech about the products and told us all about why they are different! I can't remember exactly what she said because they have a quite few products but I know that their tanning products don't smell like fake tan, they smell like moisturiser, and they don't get your clothes all dirty, only where the edges are rubbing against your skin! Of course they don't have anything that will make you look orange, and that really relieved me!

When she finished her speech I was convinced that the CC cream was for me! At the end of the event they gave everyone a goodie bag with a chosen product that suits them, and of course I got the CC cream, they also advised me to try out the 'Gradual Tan' so I grabbed one of those too. In the goodie bag I also found a couple of little testers, which can come in handy just in case I fall in love with fake tan! 

I tried out the CC cream and it is amazing, as you can see in the image above. It's very easy to use, remove and dries very quick. I'm sure I will be using this over spring and the summer. My legs will be flawless - this product is like foundation for body, of course you can use it on your face too! Full of vitamins and I believe I already said it smells amazing! 

If you want to buy the CC cream, just click here.