Thursday, 1 May 2014
Richmond, UK
Last night, Crew clothing hosted their 21's birthday at their store based in Richmond, and I was asked to join them by Surgery Group PR. Of course I said yes, as Crew clothing has an amazing collection of clothes and I was very excited to attend. 

The store gave this sailer vibe, which was really cool, as I think the clothes for sailing are very chic. They had loads of stripy items in the shop, and I feel like I'm obsessed with stripes at the moment, so this shop couldn't be better for me, or for anybody who likes good quality clothes. 

When I arrived, the staff were waiting for all the bloggers with a glass of bubbly and some canapés. They had lots of different nibbles, it was hard to chose and of course it was hard to resist not to eat all,  (have to watch the calories). Also they told me I could pick an item from the shop that I really liked. Now that was very nice of them!!

There was lots of bloggers to socialise with, staff that worked for the company and of course people who worked with the PR company. I absolutely love going to events like this, only because you can meet some amazing people and make loads of great connections. 

Once I discovered there was a photo booth, I couldn't resist not to do some photos. As you can see above it was fun and they had some cool props to use in the photos. For some reason I always get confused in a photo booth because I just look at the screen trying to look good, and I always end up not looking into the camera. 

After a while I decided I would try on some tops, but I couldn't decide so I just went back to talking to other bloggers. Later on I realised there was this dress that I liked but they had an amazing maxi skirt that I liked too. (Decisions, decisions..) I must have been there for a long time deciding which one was better, but once I tried both of them on, it wasn't a question. I won't tell you guys which one I picked, but I promise you will find out very soon! 

At the end of the night, when I left I also received a goodie bag! (Yay!) The goodies came in a cute tote bag, which had inside of it a Crew clothing magazine, their lookbook, a book called 'My little black book of sea food' written by Mitch Tonks and some white chocolate in shapes of fish. They look absolutely cute and they are yummy!  

Group photo of the bloggers and staff. Please have a look at the other blogs.

I do want to thank everyone from the crew party for having me there! I had lots of fun!