Friday, 11 April 2014
S Molton St, Mayfair, London, UK
Last night I was invited to Gianmarco Lorenzi's re-launch party, which was just down on South Molton St, London. 

When I arrived, they gave me a gold envelop which I haven't opened untill this morning. (Had a long day yesterday.) It had a 20% off voucher in it, yaay!

Around the tables they had lots of nice drinks and cupcakes. The way they decorated the tables with shoes was very clever but I think it was very brave of them to put the shoes all around the tables as people can get messy and spill things. I would of been very nervous in case someone ruined my products. 

To me these pair of heels were the best ones in the shop. They were different than others and I haven't seen anything like them in other shops. It's a must have! The black and white design on the sides reminds me of wings and it looks very chic, because who doesn't want wings, right girls? The golden bottom makes these heels look very elegant and classy. The heels aren't too high so it must be comfy as well as gorgeous.

The second ones I decided to write about where these colourful peep toed heels, which have so many colours and are great for the summer. I love the way it has eyes at the front, which reminds me of fishes. They're just staring at you, which can make you a bit paranoid, but they look so awesome it doesn't matter, you can get used to it. And of course if you have a pair of heels like that people will stare at you so it doesn't matter if your feet are starring at them back, right?

These platform shoes just scream summer holiday to me. The bright colour and the Swarovski crystals just isn't something many people could get away with in London. I would wear them walking down the street next to the beach, or go out for dinner and drinks when I'm away on a holiday.  

Nude peep toed heels are everywhere nowadays, but I love these ones because on the side of them it has this edgy wave which makes them very chic and different. I've seen that design with boots but not with peep toed heels. 

Now here's some more shoes that I liked from the party: