Friday, 7 March 2014
As I have been extremely busy, I couldn't post on all the shows that was going on over the past couple of weeks, but I watched all of them on the internet and I decided I would pick my favourite ones from each city and just tell you guys why I like them.

I've noticed that loads of designers are using animal skins or fur for the next Autumn and Winter collections so I tried to pick the very best ones out of them.

New York - Reed Krakoff 

This outfit appealed to me because it was so different from the others I've seen. As I said above there's loads of animal patterns, including this outfit. The snake skin is included in the top, the skirt and the bag. 

I love the fact that the top is only half snake patterned and the other half is just black leather. With the skirt it only has  little bits of snake skin pattern on the sides and the rest is white.  If the whole outfit was the same pattern, and no other material included, it would be just very overwhelming. 

Of course the bag had to match the outfit, so the designer used the snake skin to collaborate with this look. I would love to walk around with this cute little bag and because it's not too colourful it would match mostly everything in your wardrobe, you just have to pair everything right. 

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London - Christopher Kane

I picked this outfit because this dress is a metallic leather with some fur around the back and the front. You don't really see this on a dress or any other clothing. (Hopefully we can find similar things in shops soon!) 

To me the dress looks a bit like a bin bag (in a good way), but for some reason I couldn't stop looking at this outfit (and it wasn't because of the model). It is very unique and I could actually imagine myself wearing something like this. The zip is at the back so you can't even notice it very much, but it's always nice to have a zip on a dress, huh? The fur at the front and at the back looks very soft and delicate but the black metallic leather dress makes it tough and very fashionable. 

With this outfit they used a pair of heels which is made out of black snake skin to match this outfit. I love those heels, and have a very similar ones myself. It can just go with anything, and that's why everyone adores black, right guys?

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Milan - Roberto Cavalli

When it comes to Winter, there's not many people wearing colours and this is a perfect outfit for those people. This look is a very good look especially when you go out to see some friends or to an event. 

Fur always makes you look more elegant and sexy. And of course it will keep you very warm in the winter and I think something like this is the best choice for those people who get cold really easily. I'm not sure what animal's fur it is but when I look at it it reminds me of a wolf. - J'adore!!

The trousers - Love them!! The length of it looks so great, because it covers half of the models feet and with the zip you can adjust it to the width and size you want to. I've seen this in loads of fashion shows when the trousers are covering the heels, but this is just a very good example. It just looks very chic! As I mentioned above I love the snake pattern and that's one of the reasons I'm obsessed with these pants. 

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Paris - Louis Vuitton

This coat is an all time dream for most of the girls, I think. You can wear a tiny dress underneath it and you won't be cold, really good choice for a nice night out! We all know how well fur can protect us from the cold and this is a really good example of it. Not to say, it's a LV coat and who wouldn't want it, right? The colour of this coat can warm up your dark days in the winter and I think the colours you wear, give you different outlooks on the day. Wearing warmer colours in the winter can make loads of people happier and brighter. The other thing I like about this coat is the belt and the leather around the zips. 

The shiny dark orange leather boots are very good with this coat, as it brings out all the colour combination options you can have mixed up in one outfit. The criss-cross belt around the ankles are very stylish and makes the boots so much more interesting than if it didn't have it on them.

With this outfit the designer chose this beige bag, which has dark orange criss-crosses on it. It matches the boots perfectly as well as the coat. Everyone loves an LV bag, and this is out of the ordinary but you still can tell who it's made by. 

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If you like something better from the shows please feel free to leave a comment! Everyone has different styles and opinions, so don't be shy, I want to know what you think guys! 

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