Tuesday, 1 April 2014
London, UK
Lately I've been obsessed with lipsticks, I like to match them with my outfits and my nails. But I'm sure all of you girls do the same!

I came across this great company called Forever Living, who does lots of great and healthy products. (Not only beauty, but nutrition and all kinds of healthy products.) On the site they have different brands, like Flawless by Sonya. This brand does beauty products and they aren't like others. Their beauty pruducts have Aloe Vera in them so it makes it extra good for the skin. So why not wear something that's good for you, and not all chemicals?

I got the amethyst coloured lipstick, which is very chic. I chose that colour because nowadays the wilder you go with the colours, the cooler you look. This colour suits everybody, of course it depends how confident you are to wear it.  

The lipstick has a little shine to it, which means you don't have to put lipgloss over it. It just makes the whole process easier, and if you go out you won't have to carry loads of make-up with you. Now that's handy, right girls?

If you like what you see just click here, and if you want to see the other colour choices just click here.

Also if you would like to browse a bit and see what else is out there, Marie Betty Davis has her shop and it has loads of great products. If you want to find out more, just click here