Thursday, 9 January 2014
London, UK
Just before Christmas I went shopping to get myself some new winter boots. I was searching for hours when I found these ones from River Island

Just after a couple of days of wearing these babies, they started falling apart!! I was so shocked because I paid £90 for them and I hadn't even worn them for a week. So disappointed!! 

It wasn't like I was footballing or anything like that, I was just going to work and going back home. Nothing extreme. And when I wiped them with baby wipes, they got worse.. I'm not being funny but baby wipes shouldn't destroy a pair of boots, right?! 

Here's some photos of these ruined boots:

When I went back to the shop to get my money back, the guy at the cashier desk told me he can't give my money back because he doesn't think it was the manufactures fault that this happened to the boots. He did suggest that I contact customer services and just see what they have to say, so I done that, and a week later I got a cheque for £90. Yaay!

They don't have these boots on the website anymore, I hope it's because loads of people had the same issue with them. 

I promised myself that I won't buy any shoes or boots from River Island ever again, just clothes. Because to be honest they do do good clothes and accessories there, but not footwear!

After I got my cheque back from River Island I went out shopping again. I decided I will only go to the shops that I know will do something really good. So I went to Office. They had so many great boots but some of them were a bit out of my price range, especially when Christmas was coming. 

These boots were only £110, so I only paid £20 extra and got real leather boots, and for a high street price they are really good quality for money. I am so happy with these because they look great and they are very comfy too! 

I absolutely love riding boots, they couldn't be any better for the winter. With these boots I love the fact that they have the tan leather at the top. It just makes it more interesting, and they aren't just simple black. 

The zips are at the back of the boots, which looks really great when they are worn. The only thing thats annoying about the zips being at the back of the boots, is that you can't see what you're doing, so you might get your trousers caught. But after a while you get used to using them without catching anything in the zips, it's all about practice. 

Do you like these boots? If so, just click here.

If you go to Office, you might get a discount. It's the best to go shopping in January, because of all the after Christmas discounts.