Thursday, 9 January 2014
London, UK
Hey Guys! 

I'm very sorry for not blogging lately, but I've had a manic month or so. But now I am all sorted and whenever I'm not working or studying I will be posting as much as I can!

This dress is from Debenhams, £60. Since this dress has been in my wardrobe, I've been in love with it! The shape of this dress is absolutely great because it's a bit loose, and it gives your body a bit of a freedom to move around. Not like most of the dresses that just stick to your body and you can see what you're wearing underneath.

The pattern of this dress is simple but really lovable. I love the way it has the white dress behind the black lace, so it brings the pattern out for people to see it better. I've also seen this with a black background dress behind the laces, but it wasn't as appealing to me as the one I picked out. 

With this dress you can wear a bra and no one will see the straps. The designer for this dress was quite clever about the back because everyone hates it when their bra straps are showing. Well done to the designer!! 

As the weather is getting a bit cooler outside I chose to wear it with white lace tights. They were on sale last month in TopShop, £15.

(Photography by OmarShaker.)