NYFW SS14: I LOVE.. 08.09.2013

Wednesday, 11 September 2013
New York, NY, USA
Victoria Beckham
I love the white triangles on this dress, because they are something that would catch my eye if I saw it on someone or in a store. That's why I think this dress is the best one from Victoria Beckham's spring/summer collection!

I love everything about this outfit. The reason I picked this one is because this is very unique and elegant. The whole see-through look is very appealing to me because loads of little holes can make a really good design, as you can see on the photo above.

Lela Rose
I love the black laces on this dress, because the dress is very simple but the laces bring it to life. 

Yigal Azrouel
I love how there's just a little bit of white material sewn into it. It makes it look very cool! 

Derek Lam
I love the way the designer combined the top and the scarf. The reason I think that is, is because the top isn't covering the shoulders or  the chest area but the scarf covers the neck area. It looks really awesome to me! 

I love the way DKNY mixed black and white in this outfit. A mixture of black and white is one of my favourite things, it can make you look sophisticated and very trendy!

Opening Ceremony 
I love the patterns on this outfit, because the trousers and the jacket are matching and it is very summery. Summery and colourful things are my everything! I couldn't live without flowery clothes! 

Ralph Rucci
I love this outfit because the colour is very catchy to the eye, and also because it has a nice glow to it. Shiny things are always better than simple!

Zac Posen 
I love everything about this dress, the shape of it brings your hips out and makes your top half look so much slimmer. This is an amazing dress! Congratulations to Zac Posen for designing this fabulous piece of clothing!

I love this dress because it has little pieces hanging all over it, and it looks like it is covered in loads of feathers, but it's not. H&M impressed me with this dress!

I love the holes cut out on the sides of the trousers, because you can't really find pants that are ripped like them, and these are very unique! 

Vivienne Tam
I love how Vivienne Tam put the black material on half of the dress, because it just makes the dress very exciting and different from others. 

I love the giraffe pattern, because firstly I am obsessed with giraffes. Secondly the long shirt-dress has a great shape and the patterns make it look very cool!

Band of outsiders
I love the coat, because it doesn't have any sleeves. A jacket without sleeves looks very summery but when it's a bit cold outside you can wear it with anything. You always need a light jacket in your wardrobe. Perfect for the spring!

Diane Von Furstenberg
I love the pattern because I adore monochrome and this dress has it all. Elegance, sexiness and by wearing it, it would make me feel very confident. 

Trina Turk
I love the whole thing! And that is because it's very colourful and summery! For a night out on a holiday this is one of the best option to take with you! 

I love the way half of the dress is longer than the other. It is VERY different from others. If I saw someone wearing something like this, I wouldn't be able to resist asking them where it is from. 

I love this dress because it's simple and plain. Sometimes a girl needs a simple white dress in their wardrobe. Less can be more sometimes, don't you think?!

Jeremy Laing
I love the top half of this dress, because it is very unusual from others. It shows off the waist so you don't lose your curves when you wear it. By wearing it you can be very attractive and fashionable. 

Creatures of comfort
I love the little balls sewn onto the skirt and top, because it reminds me of a jumper i had when I was little. The other reason I love it is because the outfit is just simple white and the balls gives it a bit more fun. 

Tracy Reese
I love the black lace around the sides of the dress,  you can show off a little bit of  skin when you're wearing it. Also it works really good with the blue material in the middle of the dress. 

(Photos from Vogue.co.uk)