NYFW SS14: I LOVE.. 07.09.2013

Sunday, 8 September 2013
New York, NY, USA
I have decided I will be writing about my favourite outfits from the New York Fashion week. I picked out my absolutely favourite ones from each designer. I hope you will agree with my choices!

I love the skirt, because it has a really nice shiny effect on it plus the zips makes it look really cool. 

I love the whole outfit, because it has see-through parts in it. Makes it so much more unique than any other outfits at the show.

Jill Stuart 
I love the cuts on the sides of the dress and in the middle, because it makes the dress more sexier.

Prabal Gurung 
I love the top half of the top, because the way it's cut around the shoulders and not the neckline. I think it looks elegant but very fashionable for the spring! 

Jen Kao
I love the two different material sewn together, because you can see they have the same patterns but they have two different colours. Also the dark blue is longer than the other one which makes it really appealing to me!

Louise Goldin
I love the way the designer put black lines on the dress, because it brings out the shape of your body.

Rebecca Taylor
I love the white bits hanging out from underneath the dress, because it just looks like you put on two dresses on top of each other and I think it looks really crazy! I love crazy! 

Mara Hoffman 
I love the pattern and the cuts around the waist. That is because if it's a summery day you can show off a bit of skin and be elegant.

Herve Leger by Max Azria
I love the waist belt because it brings out your curves. 

Christian Siriano
I love the whole dress, because how it's covered in feather. If you wear something like this for a fancy event I'm sure everyone will be watching you!

Alexander Wang
 I love the gloves and the pockets on the skirt, because they are matching and the gloves makes the outfit look so much more outstanding from the others. 

Alexandre Herchcovit
I love this dress because the see-through bits on this dress makes the dress very wild but the pattern and the colour makes it really elegant! 

Louise Amstrup
I love the shape of this dress as well as the colour. The pastel colour is very inn now. The shape of this dress is very unique and funky. It is simple but sometimes less is more! Absolutely love it! 

I love the trousers, because they are wide and it can trick people's mind by making them think its a skirt! But when it's windy outside you don't have to be scared by it blowing your skirt up! 

Ostwald Helgason 
I love the top, because it is very long and the bottom half of it is see-through. It is very cleverly done! Well done Ostwald Helgason!

Jonathan Simkhai 
I love the bottom part of the trousers, because it has different patterns than rest of pants. Very different than what you see on the high streets but hopefully it's going to change after Jonathan Simkhai's show. 

Monique Lhuillier
I love everything about this outfit. The pink and red goes amazingly together, and it is simple but gorgeous. The skirt and the top has a great shine to it, which makes this outfit not boring (and of course the bright colours).

I love the skirt, because you would have to be very brave to wear a skirt on top of a dress and let people see it. But I'm guessing that's the new fashion! I always love a bit of craziness! 

I love the skirt, because the bottom of it is all cut up, and it just goes everywhere. The other bit I love about this skirt is the two grey pockets hanging from the waist. It just makes the whole skirt look very unique. Adore it!!

(Photos from Vogue.co.uk