Saturday, 7 September 2013
London, UK
I bought this dress last summer from River Island. I have tried to look it up but sadly I couldn't find it. This is the problem with having too many clothes. 

The green and pink goes very well with this white dress. Flowers always make dresses or tops look more fun and summery. For a sunny day this dress is a really good item to wear. Even if it gets a bit chilly outside you can combine it with leggings or tights. What I love about dresses is that you can wear them even if it's cold outside. Maybe not maxi dresses but others why not?!

When I was wearing this dress the colour combination made me feel so much happier. I don't know how you feel about bright colours, but when I wear something bright it cheers me up. 

The other thing that I love about this dress is that it only has one sleeve. And not just a simple one that sticks to your skin, but one that makes you feel like you have wings. It is so light and fun to wear. 

I'm sad they aren't selling it anymore but I'm sure other shops do sell similar ones, so just keep your eyes open for it, if you like the style of this dress. 

(Photography by OmarShaker.)