Thursday, 29 August 2013
London, UK
There's nobody that loves summer more than I do, and this summer has been a great one but who knows how long it's goin to last?! So you have to wear all your summery dresses before it starts to rain again.

I love white, and I'm sure people that read my blogs before know this. But to be honest it's hard to find a nice white dress and I have found this gorgeous one on the BeachCafe's website made by the great Charo Ruiz, £169.

The top of the dress has a stretchy boobtube to it so you don't even have to wear a bra with it. How practical?! (I hate bras!)

The design at the top or at the bottom is sewed into the dress, which has a great pattern to it and it is very summery! Makes the dress look more fresh and adorable. 

If you just love this dress, check it out here

(Photography by OmarShaker.)