Friday, 16 August 2013
London, UK
BeachCafe has loads of amazing dresses like this summery dress, which was made by Vix Swimwear, £275.

Floor length maxi dresses are one of the greatest things that happened in the fashion industry. In this case, this dress is one of my favourite items from BeachCafe

The way this dress feels on my skin is just great. Pure soft material. 

The patterns are very mixed, but in the middle of the dress there's a brown and cream coloured diamond shaped design on it. Which makes this dress very unique and beautiful. 

Loads of different colours put together make this very interesting pattern on this dress. One of the reasons I love this item of clothing from Vix Swimwear is because this beautiful brown pattern in the centre of the dress. 

It has a cut on both sides so you can show off your legs when you're walking or sitting down. Really handy when you're on a holiday walking down the beach and you want the wind to blow your dress back and just go with the flow. 

This maxi dress has a V neckline at the front and a low V neckline at the back. It shows of your back very well as well as your chest. 

If you fancy buying it, click here

(Photography by OmarShaker.)