Wednesday, 28 August 2013
London, UK
Sorry guys I haven't been writing lately but I have been extremely busy, but here's an update and I will try my best to keep up with my blogs.

This bright dress is called the 'Judy dress' made by Vix Swimwear, £139. 

For a summery day like today, it's a perfect dress to wear when you go out and have a drinks with some friends. It's very comfortable and you can wear it with leggings or jeans if it's a bit cooler outside.

I adore this bright orange BeachCafe dress because it is very loose and trendy for this summer. I have seen loads of dresses and this one has a great design and shape. 

You can have the shoulders out because it has a band at the neckline so you can decide if you want it down or up, or even just one shoulder out. 

The sleeves are very large and light which makes this dress so much more fun to wear.

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(Photography by OmarShaker.)