Friday, 30 August 2013
London, UK
Last night I was invited to a launch party for Blinking LightsAnna Ackred is the designer for this company and she showed me some great designs that she made for this night. 

I have seen lots of amazing bridesmaid dresses as well as casual clothes. I have noticed that the designer liked to use pastel colours and flowery materials. 

They had lots of yummy cupcakes, nibbles, champagne and fun party games.

This ivory wedding dress was my favourite dress at this launch because it looked very special and gorgeous.

I'm sure the designer was really proud of it because it was at the centre of the room for people to see it. 

I loved the low V neckline because it would make the bride very special and beautiful. It would bring out her neck which would make her look really elegant. 

The lace material was delicate and the brown ribbon tied around the waist makes the dress look very delightful.

This dress has a 50's prom dress style to it, which is very princess like. It would make me feel like a fairy or a princess, don't you think? 

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(Photography by OmarShaker & me.)