Friday, 26 July 2013
La Mata, Alicante, Spain
White equals elegance. Nothing is more appealing to people than seeing an elegant woman, and white makes you look like one. To be honest when I wear white it makes me feel like I'm a princess, it makes me feel free and powerful. Like I could do anything I want. 

As we know, round sunglasses are in now and I couldn't resist to order these ones. This pair is from TopShop, £16. I picked them in white because not many people has it in white. Sadly they don't do them in white anymore, but I have seen them in a different colour.

If you like them, and want to see them in cobalt, click here.

I bought this dress from TopShop as well as the sunglasses above. The dress was only £55, which I think is a really good price for a dress. It's really light, and soft on my skin. The patterns on the top half of the dress make it a bit more appealing to the customers, and to me. 

I thought it needed a little bit of black to it, so from a different dress I used a black string and put it around my waist. 

I bought this dress in the shop on Oxford Street, but I have looked online for this model and all I could find is the same shaped dress, but different patterns on it. 

If you want to see it, please click here.

(Sadly they change their products a lot on their website, and sometimes they don't even have the things online that they have in their stores.)

(Photography by OmarShaker.)