Saturday, 8 June 2013
Westfield, Stratford, London, UK

I was walking around Chelsea when I found a little boutique which had some amazing things inside it, like this skirt. This is from Belcci Fashion, but I can't remember where this little hidden boutique was. (Sad moments.) But at least I have this beautiful skirt. I only payed £60 for it. 

I love the bright pink colour, and the brown belt that comes with the skirt, (sewn together). The material is so light, and this is one of the skirts that I would buy loads of. I did get this in a different colour, but that will be in a different blog. 

This skirt is definitely a skirt that I have to take with me when I go to Spain, because it's so light, I feel like a ghost when I wear it, or like a princess. Hard to explain. Unless you have a similar skirt, you don't know what I'm talking about. 

So I got this pair of sandals from Forever21. To be honest, I am disappointed with them because they started falling apart at the front. Also, I had to put plasters on my feet so it doesn't hurt me anymore. Disappointed!

I chose a black boob-tube with this skirt because I wanted my belly to show a bit. You can never go wrong with a boob-tube!

(Photography by OmarShaker.)