Wednesday, 8 May 2013
London, UK

This outfit is simple, but the white coat brings it alive. Let's start with the jacket. This spring jacket is from Next. I can't remember how much it was because I bought it before winter on sale. I like white, because so many people are scared to wear it. It's a very bright colour, and any time I wear this coat people stare at me, but I'm always wondering why do most of the people only wear black coats?! Make your look more interesting!! 
To be honest, there's a down side to this white jacket, it gets dirty easily. Oh well, that's why we have dry cleaners!! Right?!

I have ordered the bag from ASOS not long ago, but it seems like it's not on their website anymore. Simple cream and brown coloured, with a hint of pink. I don't know if you can see on the picture, but where the zip is for my bag, it's pink. It's simple but this little hint of spring colour makes it interesting and unique. I love this bag because I can put thousands of things inside it, and carry it on my shoulder when it gets heavy. Good for college, university or work. Don't you think? 

(Photography by OmarShaker.)