Wednesday, 15 May 2013
London, UK
For this look I chose my Dr.Martens boots, I bought them for £90. I remember when I went shopping with my mum a year ago, I couldn't decide which one's to get, but black goes with everything, don't you think? The reason I picked the shiny one's is because the normal one's were too simple, and I like to make things funky, not too funky though. If you do like the look of them, you can get them from here

The little black purse with a white bow on it is from River Island. They cost me around £35-ish? I love bows, especially on little cute things, like this purse. Bows make everything so much cuter. Also this purse is so practical, I can fit anything I need inside it!

In this outfit, I am wearing one of my favourite leather jackets. I bought this from Zara a couple of years ago. Leather jackets are the best!! They always rock your world and never go out of style.

I'm not going to lie, the t-shirt is originally my boyfriend's top. He has his own bar and gets free things from drink companies like this Jack Daniel's. I don't drink whiskey, but I love the look of this top, so I thought I would put it on. Maybe you should try it out with your boyfriend's top too and make your own fashion!!

(Photography by OmarShaker.)