Friday, 3 May 2013
Soho, London, UK
Yesterday me and my boyfriend went to Soho to have a meeting with his friend. I have decided I will be doing blogs on my looks as much as I can, also posting them on LookBookFaceBook and Twitter.

I am sure I won't always find everything online, as I have bought some bags, shoes, clothes and accessories in the past, and they aren't selling them anymore. 

The grey and brown bag is one of my favourite bags from Accessorize. It's simple, but it catches your eye. I'm into simple colours, nothing really too bright. I don't mind bright colours on the beach, that's where the wild side of me comes out. The problem with this bag is, when it gets too heavy I can't put it on my shoulders, so my arm starts to ache, but that's only because I carry loads of books around with me for college. 

The little black dress: I bought this dress last summer from H&M. I have looked for it on the website, but I'm afraid I couldn't find it. I love this dress, because it's light and goes with everything. If it's hot, this dress won't stick to your back from all the heat/sweat. You can see the neck part on the bottom of the picture. The design on the neck is roughly 4 inches, which is good because it gives a little bit of excitement to the dress. Also a little bit of see-throughness makes guys wonder.

Henderson Cute. That is the name of my shoes. Little tiny black flats. Perfect for the spring. I bought them recently from Clark's. There's a little pattern on the side of the shoes, which makes them unique and cute. This style shoes are usually full of little holes to show a pattern, but mine are different. I like different. If you like the sound of these shoes, buy them here

What else could I say? Leather jackets. Yes. I have bought them a couple years ago from Zara. Never goes out of style. Simple black leather jackets are one of the best things that happened to the world, they're good in the rainy weather and in the sunshine. 

(Photography by OmarShaker, on my iPhone 5.)