Monday, 20 May 2013
London, UK
Sorry guys I haven't done a blog sooner, but I've been a little bit busy over the weekend. This outfit is from last friday and I named it 'Funky Friday', because of the funky tights.

The tights I actually got from Poland when my family went to a wedding. To be honest when I first saw them, I didn't know if I liked them or not, so I just put them aside for a while and now I think they're so cool. I love how colourful they are, and they just have so many different patterns. I don't think you need any other colours with this outfit because they have more than enough colours in them. Just wear something black with them and you're ready to go!

The stripy bag is from Dorothy Perkins. I'm not going to lie, I haven't got a clue when I got it. I picked the bag for this outfit because it's too colourful, but very summery. The dark blue and white striped bag has a bow on it, which makes it so much cuter. The white stripes bring the dresses collar's colour out more. 

(Photography by OmarShaker.)