Friday, 17 May 2013
London, UK

Spring is here now, and summer isn't far either. Everyone needs to get their colourful things out for the sun. For this look, I have picked my pink bag from River Island. I love the colour, but there's one thing I'm not quite happy about with this bag, it doesn't have many pockets inside. As I have said in my previous blogs, I love bags with loads of pockets so I can organise everything my way. This pink leather bag only has a little pocket inside it, which is good for Oyster Cards, lighters and little things like that. 

Bow tights are from ASOS, £35. When I saw them on their website I knew I had to buy them. The design is really cute, and nude tights with black art on them is really fashionable nowadays. Sometimes, wearing something similar to these tights walking down the road may get people thinking you have tattoos, but the more popular they get, the less it happens.

(Photography by OmarShaker.)