Thursday, 16 May 2013
London, UK
The brown dress is one of my favourite dresses at the moment. It goes with most of my things, as I went through a faze where I bought so many brown or beige coloured clothes, bags and shoes, like this. I bought this dress  from boohoo.com. I have bought some clothes from them before, but most of them were bad quality, or they just looked completely different on me than on the pictures that they have on their website. This dress impressed me, and I get loads of compliments when I go out wearing it. In the photo we cant see it properly, but the dress has a black collar, so the black belt and the black collar makes the dress more outstanding, and it's not as bland as if it had nothing on it. 

Louis Vuitton purse, £410. I bought this purse with my mum in Knightsbridge just before I turned 17. I'm in love with this purse, because it cost a fortune, plus it goes with loads of colours. There were also some purses that were a bit tacky or too colourful. I couldn't find any black ones so I had to pick the brown one, which worked out well because I love brown, beige and cream coloured clothes or accessories. 

(Photography by OmarShaker.)