Thursday, 9 May 2013
London, UK
Most of my shoes are from Clark's because they're just so comfortable, it's unbelievable. This pair of heels are one of my favourite shoes. Clark's is a bit pricey, but it's worth it. The price I paid for them was roughly £150, so for that price they have to be nice and comfy. What I love about the company is, whenever I buy anything from them, they never disappoint me. 
Bags, shoes or any accessories I just love in beige. It's classy, and goes with most of my clothes. 

This beige bag is from Accessorize. The more pockets a bag has the more I love it. Bags that have pockets on the outside I adore, because I can put some lipstick or my Oyster Card into it, so I don't have to search for it for hours when I get to the tube station. This bag I've taken to the park with me so many times, to have a drink with friends, or just for a little picnic outside. This bag is good in the silly London weather. In the rainy days, it won't soak. I have tested it, not on purpose though. As bags are accessories, they always have to go with shoes, or belts.

Front Zipper Bustier is the name of the top I'm wearing, which is from Forever21. I have this top in black, but in the image on left it is a dark blue one. They didn't have a photo of it in black on their website, but I'm sure they will have it in their stores. I'm obsessed with tops that have zips at the front. 2 in 1, a bra and a top in one. I was so happy when all the shops first bought this item out. It's just so easy to put on, and we can let the ''puppies" get some air and a bit of rest. Of course guys love it too, because girls wont wear a bra with it. Just one zip and it comes off, who needs more than that? If you like what you see, just click here

(Photography by OmarShaker.)